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grief coaching I am a certified “From Heartbreak to Happiness”® coach, a certified Angel Card Reader and I am the author of “A Caregiver’s Story: 7 Tips to Help Navigate and Find Balance”.

As well I had been a Registered Nurse for over 30 years working in many areas of health care. I have provided support to patients and their families during times of illness, stress, death and dying.

I helped my husband, Bill through many years of appointments, treatments, and procedures after his heart attack at the young age of 42. I heard the verdict eight months after his retirement that he had end stage cardiac disease and it “was between him and God now”. We truly wondered which day would be the final one. Five years later he became quite ill and we both thought he was dying. He was in and out of hospital until finally he rallied, again and has seemed to be holding his own. Unfortunately, the stress had taken its toll, unbeknownst on me. I couldn’t sleep. I felt tired and worn out which made working very trying. I didn’t have an appetite or else I felt like I couldn’t stop eating. I saw the doctor. He asked how I was. I answered, “I feel like I am grieving but he isn’t dead yet”. And then I wept. Little did I know it was only the beginning......

Not quite a year after that, my husband still going day to day, I began looking at my own retirement and what I would do in my second adulthood that would be a passion and give me joy.

I resonated with the prospect of helping others through the grief journey that can happen even before a loving partner dies. Having just started into my life dream by nine days my husband had a massive stroke and was hospitalized. He began a long road to recovery with many worrisome unknowns. When he became hospitalized in 2015 for seven months and then came home palliative care I let my coaching dwindle. After he died in March 2016 I did all the tasks that are required after a spouse passes including my own grief work.

Unsure if I really wanted to continue I realized that it was my work in grief coaching that helped me through my own grief process. I remembered the life mission I had written when just starting out and knew it was even more relevant now;

To encourage and motivate, through my coaching, writing and speaking, all women whose partner is dying or has died to release, find relief and then reconnect with their life dreams, so that they may soar from sorrow to happiness, joy and peace.

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