Christines's Grief Coaching - Life during and after loss
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Christine Brownlee has been an incredible joy to work with! I love the way that she is impacting lives using her kindness, empathy and unique insight. I can see why she gets such great results as she helps those who are hurting to heal! I definitely look forward to continually recommending her coaching services and future books! Thanks Christine for giving us so much of your heart, wisdom, and energy!

Denise Hall Brown
Author of "2Grieve 2Gether: A Journal from the Heart Helping Survivors & Supporters Navigate the Healing Process.


For 15 years, I had worked very hard at avoiding any conversation that would lead to talking about my deceased husband. The ache in my heart was too close to surface and the tears were always waiting. I had become an expert at being strong and not bringing up any topic that may lead to the ultimate question "what happened to your husband?"

Then one day, completely unaware, on a trip with a good friend, the question came up and the words flowed along with the tears and the heartache. A few months later, that friend came back to me and told me she could help me lay those memories to rest, stop my heart from breaking each and every day, and let his memory be a comfort to me rather than an issue that I needed to avoid. In 3 short months my life was transformed. Christine helped me understand my grief from a new vantage point, gave me tools to deal with the obstacles that have stood in my way for all of these years allowing me to move on with my life. I cannot express the gratitude that I feel or the sense of relief that I have in finally being free of the guilt and pain that I have suffered for years.

S.R., Ontario, Canada

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