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"Feeling loss is a biproduct of having loved"


Jillian Dempsey (she/her)

About Me

Wondering if we would be a good fit to work together?  Read more to learn about me, my approach to healing from grief trauma, and the influences that show up in my work.

I am from Toronto but decided smaller city life was the next step for my family.  I have also lived abroad as well as enjoyed much travel.  I am a parent and know all too well the busyness of life; which is why I feel it’s important that we each take moments for ourselves in some way -- mindfulness practice or self-care at whatever level our lives allow.  My coaching is offered in person, as well as online as I find it makes my schedule more flexible to accommodate clients availability.

I have certification as a Death Doula, training as a Birth Doula, and am well versed in many forms of grief and loss theory from a diverse range of prominent researchers.  Along with incorporating breathwork and mediation into my daily routine, I also have completed several courses in those areas.

Our society has lost the ability to fully support those experiencing grief.  Often friends and family can’t sit with us in our sadness, or they have a timeline for which we are expected to be healed and have ‘moved on’.  Grief has no timeline; and when we rush to ‘be ok’ it leaves us with unresolved issues that can plague our future decisions and relationships. 

As a Grief Coach I hold space for pain, sadness, anger and confusion.  I also support you in finding out who you are after your loss because we are changed by these moments in our lives.  Coaching is not therapy; it is about supporting people on their own journey of healing.  You know what you need to move through this storm, but having someone at your side to lean on, and give you support makes it more bearable.

What are some of the methods that I employ?  I am a sounding board and compassionate ear to tell your story to when those around you seem fatigued of hearing.  Someone to give you advice based on my knowledge of the grief process.  I will direct you to rituals that will enable you to set up a space and time to process your emotions. I hold you accountable to the action items we have agreed upon. 

Our lives have many big and small instances of loss.  Many perceive death as being the only event that requires mourning; however, we all need to process many kinds of loss:
- breakups: marriage, friendships, families, business relationships

- pet loss

- miscarriage or fertility issues

- illness, injury, and accessibility changes

- financial distress, job loss

- some major life changes come with relinquishments of self-identity and close connections; some of your circle will move with you into this new aspect of your life, while others will leave

I welcome those from all walks of life to my practice and endeavour to always educate myself towards being a better ally to equity seeking groups and individuals.

Research, education background, methodology and influences on my coaching style:

  • meditation & mindfulness practices

  • Finding meaning in life:

    • logotherapy (V. Frenkl)

    • the meaing crisis (J. Vervaeke)

  • EMDR

  • death & grieving theory and support ( E. Kübler-Ross & D. Kessler)

  • Buddhism 

  • birth and death doula training

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