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Booking & Fees

All clients must book an intake session before we can move forward with a standard or mini appointment.  When you book you will have the choice of in person or virtual

Not seeing a time that works for you?  Online booking not your thing?  Please use the contact form if you have any questions prior to booking or email me at

$55, 50 minutes

Intake Session

The Intake Session is where we will get a chance to introduce ourselves, review my policies, our process agreement, and discuss what has brought you to this practice.  All clients must first book an Intake Session before any other appointments.

$55, 50 minutes

Standard Coaching Session

Standard grief and loss coaching session; mindfulness, review and updates, discussion, planning and action items, closing.

$30, 25 minutes

Mini Coaching Session

Can't fit in a standard coaching session this week but still need to talk and process where you're at?  The mini session is for you!

$150, Package

Starter Package

This three session package includes: One Intake session, and 2 Standard coaching sessions.  Booking will take you to scheduling your Intake Session, and you will then be assisted with scheduling your follow up appointments directly.

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